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Enter the Funk

I’ve been in a bit of a weird funk lately, part of that relating to a calm storm of emotions and unknowns from within, but I’m going to spend some additional time in NYC to clear my mind and hit the ground running when I get back next week. That …

The Bent Bullet

Pretty cool site to promote the upcoming X-Men movie by spinning the idea that Magneto was responsible for the historic assassination of …

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I’m in New York this week and have found tons of inspiration and ideas. Will post back when I have more time. …

space lab, yo!

Flashback: NASA SkyLab

Reading this article on designer Raymond Loewy, and came across this image which brought me back to my childhood days. I loved …


Sunday Plan: Invisible Cities Opera

Invisible Cities is a unique opera set place in the live, bustling environment of LA’s Union Station where the traditional boundaries between …


Mask cont’d

Proud of how the mask turned out given the short amount of time I had. Decided to decorate the edges with some …