wishing upon a star

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post so I took some inspiration from the Florence and the Machine song that’s current playing (Cosmic Love).

Last week I moved out of Irvine, a place where I’d spent most of more than the past 10 years. This week, I’m preparing to leave southern California to try something much different. My ticket was finally booked yesterday, and I’m down to my final two full days.

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry for not reaching out directly to plan more of a good bye. See, the thing is, I’m not good at good bye’s. And besides, I’ll be back… when? That’s anyone’s guess.

Moving out of Irvine was quite tough. It was absolutely mind boggling how much stuff I had, and I was reminded of many previous interests ranging from music, plants, photography, and even antiques (damn you, PBS). Most of last week was a blur as the priority shifted from throwing stuff out to just packing up to get out on time and before Chinese New Year’s. And after each day, my entire body was sore from the many trips up and down the stairs as I loaded up vans full of stuff.

The weekend was a continuation of the blur, sorting through and reorganizing my boxes at home while also partaking in some of the Chinese New Year’s rituals. I felt a little better by Sunday, but still felt like a bit of a zombie. I’ve yet to actually pack for New York, and this time, I actually feel nervous.

I was taken by surprise by just how much I enjoyed the different environment and pace during my visit last November. “I want to give New York a shot,” I thought, and went back again during December. Hell, I tried to go again during January but was only stopped by mother nature (perhaps fate telling me to move out of Irvine first).

Now to see if New York’s willing to give me a good shot. Aside from looking and applying to new opportunities, I’ve made a few friends and contacts so I’ll have something of a social connection to start with. I’ve learned that in life, things rarely turn out as you imagine them so I’m trying not to extrapolate too far out and enjoy as well as tackle the important things.

The challenge over the next few weeks will be to see how well I actually acclimate to the City, and if I can gain enough momentum for a strong start. Making a living wage is one thing, but one thing that’s caught me completely off guard involve the prospect of meeting a very compatible partner.

I’ve exchanged messages, skyped, texted, and talked with a few of them… and I’m kind of dumbfounded as to why these girls seem so much easier to communicate with versus trying to meet someone here.

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