Full Court Press, Quick Thoughts

It’s on. I ran into a small bump with a plan or option I was exploring for next year, so I’m moving on. Applied to quite a few positions over the past three days, and I forgot how much of a hassle it is to fill out forms to create accounts for each company’s HR database. And for some positions, I also opted to write a cover letter, further slowing down the application process.

Quick thoughts:
Holy crap, the year’s almost up. This was definitely a break out year for me, and probably a record for shows. I think I’m done with the regular shows as it’s mostly out of my system now.

I need to start shooting with my SLR more regularly again.

I realized I have a shit load of clothes this past week (photographic evidence pending).

I think I feel colder in CA than in NY.

I can’t tell or keep going back and forth as to whether this one girl likes me or is just being super friendly.

Finally finished ‘mastering’ some tracks I recorded with Steve. Took several hours since I kept going back and trying to fine tune things as much as I could, but it feels and sounds good given the setup.

And, I was trying to figure out how much a custom decal for a MacBook would cost, but was required to first upload a picture. Picked one off my desktop, and wow, check it out below!


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