Mask Monday?

I have a feeling this week’s going to be interesting… The new window installed in my room at my parent’s place has really changed up the entire energy of the space. Over the years, I’ve developed a huge appreciation for natural light, and I’m tempted to just minimize on the amount of furniture in that room to maximize on energy flow.

Even though I was dead tired yesterday, a cancelled engagement shoot for a friend turned into a “Let’s make our ‘Reflektor’ piece for the Arcade Fire concert” session. If I had more time, I’d try to create something along the lines of this mask. But to keep things simple, we took to Michaels to pick up a pair of blank masks and other supplies. Having never really worked with glitter, I’m pleasantly surprised how my creation’s turned out so far. I’d like to apply just another thin layer of glitter (never thought I’d be making a statement like that!), then apply some type of protective maybe acrylic-type spray to seal everything in place.

Aside from tinkering with the mask, I also made a necklace that I may or may not wear, but I really wish I had my dremel (in OC) to use to cut up some CD fragments. Must also listen to the new album in preparation for tomorrow.

There was a headline I read last week about Monday being the best day to apply for jobs, so I finally bit the bullet and applied to a few today too.

A few links from this morning:
On the evolution of logos

And a commercial for Samsung’s curved Galaxy phone.

One last note: I’m back! I had changed my hosting provider to a company that proved less than reliable (losing all of my hosted data), but was glad to discover this blog, which I started almost a year ago, was still up at the now-current host. So much has changed over the past year, but I’m glad I’ve finally broken the snooze once more!

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